Computer Basics

Computer Awareness

This page contains study material of Computer Basics in detail. Computer Basics topics have been prepared considering latest JKSSB and JKPSC syllabus.
  • Computer Mock Test Set 4
    Computer Mock Test is the Set 4 of Mock Test Series. Attempt free Mock tests of Computer Basics. Study Material for Various JKSSB JKPSC Exams. Computer Mock test Covers Questions from Basics, input/output, Memory, Internet and Generations of Computer. Please Leave a Comment after Submitting the Test.
  • Components of Computer – Computer Basics
    Computer Basics Part-2 There are four basic components of Computer CPU(Central Processing Unit) Input Storage Output CPU (central processing unit) CU+ALU (control unit + arithmetic and logical unit) Operations performed by a microprocessor s called “Instruction Set” is “Hard wired” In CPU and determines the machine language for the CPU. Processors differ form one another …

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  • Introduction To Computer
    Computer Basics. What is a Computer and Generations of Computer – Part 1  What is computer?? Is a machine and is a multipurpose tool Which does computations–“Calculations and Comparisons” Converts data into Information. Information is useful form of data. Why?? Increase computational capacity, huge calculations etc., Analysis of complex problems.   Full form of COMPUTER? …

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