Current Affairs of Jammu and Kashmir MCQs July Part – 2

This is the Part 2 of the Current Affairs of Jammu and Kashmir MCQs for the month of July 2023. Current Affairs of Jammu and Kashmir MCQs cover all the important events and news of jammu and kashmir in the form of MCQs. MCQs include government initiatives, socio-political developments , cultural event, tourism and more .These Current affairs MCQs are very important for all the upcoming competitive exams in Jammu & Kashmir. Exams include JKSSB VLW , JKPSC, JKSSB Panchayat secretary, JKSSB JKPSI, JKSSB FAA, JKPSC JKSSB FAA, JKSSB Account Assistant , JKSSB class iv (4).

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Immunization under which scheme will be commenced in three rounds from 7 Aug,2023 in j&k?

Which region in jammu and kashmir gets its first Balling Machine for plastic waste management

Which of the following regions is popularly known as valley of flowers?

Chief justice of J&K and Ladakh High Court is?

Under J&K Road Accident Fund, how much ex-gratia is provided to dependents in case of death of a person?

Recently the import duty on which of the following commodities was slashed down by the Government?

The major cause of hepatitis A and E in rural areas in Kashmir is?

ANTF stands for?

Recently 9 CRM's were launched by j&k Bank in Jammu division, what does CRM stands for?

World Zoonoses Day is celebrated on?

IIKSTC stands for?

Kailash Yatra takes place in which district?

Recently the common "Golden Eye" was found in Kashmir after 1907, "Golden Eye refers to

Who among the following from J&K received the Florence Nightingale Award

Which of the following statements are true with respect to The Pangong Lake

Vishow river is situated in which of the following districts of J&K?

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