Computer Mock Test – Part 5

Computer Mock Test part 5 comprises questions on basic of Email and comcepts of email protocols like smtp, pop3, Imap etc. Practice this free Computer Mock Test and get familiar with type and level of questions asked in JKSSB and JKPSC exams. Computer Mock Test Contains 12 important MCQs from Previous Year Papers. Computer Mock Test is prepared primarily for JKSSB, JKPSC,JKPSI, JKSSB VLW, Banking, JKSSB FAA, JKSSB Account Assistant and various other state level exams of Jammu and Kashmir.

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The first electronic mail(e-mail) system was created by _________ and in which year _________?

__________ is the first computer networks to implement the TCP/IP protocol suite?

The Name of the person behind first ever Email spam and on which networK it was sent?

The name of First Email Software?

Which protocol is responsible for sending and receiving emails?

The protocol which supports attachment of Files, pictures , audio and videos into email is called ?

POP3 stand for?

In 1991, the first email was sent from space by astronauts ?

In year 2000, an email-based computer worm affected about 10 million PCs., the email had a famous subject line of ?

Which of the following is not a valid email address

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