JKSSB General Science Mock Test – Set 5

Set 5 of Science Mock Test is Prepared from previous year Question Papers. This Mock Test is Beneficial if You are preparing for JKSSB, JKPSC exams. This Science Mock Test Contains 10 MCQs and Will help you in exams like JKSSB Account Assistant, JKSSB Finance Account Assistant, JKSSB SI, JKPSC Assistant Registrar and many more…

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After birth, it is believed that the body is on longer able to from:

Early morning heavy dew is most likely to be the result of:

The weight of a man on the surface of the moon will be only about one-sixth of his weight on the earth because

The production of excess pigment in the skin is stimulated mainly by :

As a person becomes older, his blood-pressure generally:

Digestion of food starts in:

The American genetist who discovered the effect of X-ray on mutation rate in the drosophila was:

The Planets are kept in motion in their orbits by:

At sun rise or sun set the sun appears red because:

When a Soap film on water is seen in daytime, it shows beautiful colours. This phenomenon is due to :

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