JKSSB veterinary pharmacist & stock assistant – previous year science questions

1- What is the unit used to measure the depth of sea?
Ans -: Fathom

2- What kind of mirror is used in motor vehicles near the driver’s seat?
Ans -: Convex Mirror

3- Gas used to fill Balloons?

Ans -: Helium

4- Which is the hardest substance found in human body?

Ans -: Tooth Enamel

5- Turmeric is obtained from of a Plant.

Ans -: Stem

6- Which is the first vaccine injected into a newly born baby?

Ans: BCG

7- The process of cell division is known as –

Ans: Mitosis

8- The liquid metal at room temperature

Ans. mercury

9- Intake of which vitamin is recommended to improve blood coagulation?

Ans: Vitamin K

10-The species which are at the verge of the extinction

Ans. Endangered

11- If a normal cell of human body contains 46 pairs of chromosomes then the numbers of chromosomes in a sex cell of a human being is most likely to be:

Ans: 23

  1. Diseases that spread from one person to another are called

Ans. Communicable diseases

  1. Electric power is inversely proportional to

Ans. Resistance

  1. Which of the following gases is not a Greenhouse gas?

(a) oxygen

(b) Nitrogen

(c) methane

(d) carbon dioxide

Ans. a

15- Oil, natural gas and coal are examples of …

Ans. Fossil fuel

  1. is the famous scientist who discovered gravity

Ans. Isaac Newton

Q17. Some organisms live together and share shelter and nutrient is called

Ans. symbiotic relationship

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