Computer Mock Test – set 5

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Which type of failure occurs because of input device that does not read data correctly ?

Which one is the common device used for drawing, painting, or interactively selecting coordinate positions on an object ?

What is the storage element for a static RAM ?

Which of the following is the another name for the error or bug in software or hardware?

Which of the following is the ability of a system to jump directly to the requested data?

Which of the following is responsible for the fixed disk error?

Which of the following is the other name used for a Daughter Board?

Which of the following models of processing has the master/slave architecture as a feature?

A floppy disk is a magnetic storage medium for computer systems. What is the size limit of data to be stored on a floppy disk?

When a person turn on your computer, which of the following computer memory is the first to activate?

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