Jammu and Kashmir Current Affirs August-2023 MCQ's Part 1

Jammu and Kashmir Current Affirs August-2023 MCQ's Part 1 | Ready to take up the test ? quickly fill up the details to begin...

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Under which scheme does the water bodies in J&K are undergoing rejuvenation

Which of the following is not true with respect to the Lithium discovery in J&K ?

Lithium was discovered in which region of Jammu and Kashmir ?

Z-morh tunnel which is under construction will keep which of the following tourist destinations accessible even during winter

Banmass Mela was celebrated by Kashmiri Pandits in a temple at Mattan, Anantnag. What is this famous temple called?

Kaman post , known as "Bridge of peace" has been opened after 2018 for tourists, is located in which district?

Tele-MANAS an initiative is taken by the government to cater which of the following?

Charar-e-Sharief a Sufi Muslim shrine situated in the town of Charari Sharief in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir is associated to which Sufi saint?

Which district in J&K became the first district where its mandatory for shops to obtain licence before selling the cigarettes and other tobacco products ?

The LG of J&K inaugrated the affordable rental housing complex under PMAY-Urban mission in J&K for?

Ladakh's horticulture sector exports 31 tonnes of which of the following fruits?

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