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Consider the following statements with regards to Regulating Act of 1773-

1.It established Supreme Court at Delhi.
   2.It Laid Foundation of centralized administration in India.
   3. It designated Governor-General of Bengal as the Governor General of India.

Which statement is true?

Which of them is matched correctly

1.  GOI ACT of 1919  --> Morley Monto reforms
   2. INDIAN COUNCIL ACT OF 1909  --> Montague Chelmsford reforms.
   3. GOI ACT OF 1858  --> Act of good govt. in India
  4.  CHARTER ACT OF 1833 --> Final step towards centralization

Consider the following statements,

   1. Charter act, 1853 abolished the East India Company Monopoly of Indian trade.
   2. Under GOI act, 1853 the British parliament abolished the rule of East India Company & Undertook the responsibility of ruling India directly.

Which statement is correct?

Consider the following events:-

   1. Morley Minto Reforms.
  2. Pitts India Act
  3. Montague Chelmsford Reforms
   4. Act of Good Government Of India

Which of the following is the correct chronological sequence of the above event.

Which one of the following is not the feature of GOI Act of 1935?

Which of the following are the principal features of GOI ACT 1919?

1.  Introduction of dyarchy in the executive government of the provinces.
   2.  Introduction of separate communal electorates for Muslims.
   3.  Devolution of legislative authority by the center to the provinces..

Which of the statements given above are correct?

Portfolio system in India was introduced by?

Consider the following statements with regard to Indian Council Acts-

1.  Indian Council Act of 1861 made the beginning of representative institutions by associating Indians with the law making process
   2.  ICA of 1892 Provided for the association of Indians with the executive council of the viceroy & Governors.
   3.  ICA of 1909 introduced a system of Communal representation for Muslims.

Which of the following statements are not correct?

Indian Independence ACT, 1947 provided for-

Add description here!

Consider the following statements with regard to Simon Commission:

1. It was a statuary body consisting of 6 Britishers & 1 Indian.
2. It recommended establishment of federation of British India & Princely states.
3. It recommended continuation of communal electorate.

which of the following statement is not correct?

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